Instructional Services

  • The division of Instructional Services oversees the departments of Assessment & Research, Curriculum, Dropout Prevention/Alternative Education/Juvenile Justice/Truancy Programs, Early Learning Childhood, Elementary Education, Exceptional Student Education (ESE), Federal Programs and Grants, Professional Learning, School Improvement, Secondary Education and Student Services.

Deputy Superintendent Instructional Services

  • On October 22, 2019 the School Board of Manatee County approved Ms. Zoratti Yost as Deputy Superintendent of Instructional Services.  Prior to her appointment Ms. Zoratti Yost served on an interim contract as Deputy Superintendent of Instructional Services. 

    Ms. Zoratti Yost worked as a district administrator in St. Lucie Public Schools for more than three decades. 

    She has more than 40 years of professional experience in education as a teacher, administrative assistant, principal, assistant superintendent, deputy superintendent and superintendent of schools. She has spent several years as a consultant with the Florida Diagnostic Learning Resource Center, exploring and delivering training in areas of curricular implementation, including instructional strategies. 

    As Superintendent with St. Lucie Public Schools, she facilitated organizational development and change in a school system of 43,000 students, 42 schools and over 5,000 employees resulting in an improved Florida Department of Education District Grade. 

    Ms. Zoratti Yost holds a Master's Degree (M.S.) from Florida Atlantic University in Education and a Bachelor's Degree (B.S.) in Education at the University of Florida.

  • Ms. Genelle Zoratti Yost

    Ms. Genelle Zoratti Yost
    Deputy Superintendent Instructional Services

    Laura Eaton
    Executive Assistant
    (941) 708-8770  x41222