• IB focuses on more of a whole child approach through cross content instruction. In PYP that is 6 units of study that are Transdisciplinary, and in MYP there are 8 subject groups and focus on Interdisciplinary instruction. Key Concepts shape the instruction for the transdisciplinary approach in PYP. Instruction is more hands on, and self-discovery as opposed to lectures. Students are encouraged to be curious and ask questions and are also taught beginning in Pre-K how to research the answers for their questions. Our goal is for students to be able to connect all the things they are learning and apply it to their real world lives, not just their school careers. We teach them to how to be thinkers, and instead of giving them the answers, we encourage them explore and discover to find answers for themselves.

    The Learner Profile is the heart of the programmes. Students learn how to be caring, knowledgeable, open minded, courageous, a thinker, a communicator, an inquirer, principled, reflective, and balanced. If students demonstrate these attributes, they become an Internationally Minded student. Our goal is for students to think of others and reflect about themselves as a learner and as a member of our school community. Through the use of the Learner Profile Attributes, students are learning how to be good people and a valuable part of our society.

    Approaches to Learning Skills are lifelong skills that we endeavor students to embody as they grow as students. Through the development of themselves as a learner, we teach students how to use their ATL skills (Communication, Self-Management, Research, Thinking, and Social). In primary we focus on a couple ways we can be better communicators for example, and in MYP teachers go deeper with students understanding of how all of their ATL skills contribute to them as a learner.

    5th Grade PYP completes Exhibition which is a culminating experience for those students as a completion of the PYP. Students put together their knowledge of Key Concepts, ATL skills and the Learner Profile to take action and develop a project that helps others in our community.

    8th Grade MYP completes the Community Project, which ties together all of their prior IB learning, and incorporates Community Service as well as a presentation about how they impacted others. Students in grades 6 and 7 also complete community service hours each quarter in order to prepare them for this project.

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