Film & Theatre Education (FATE)

  • Introduction to Drama (9-12)
    Program of Study: Performance Track
    Students explore various performance, technical, and administrative aspects of theatre. Students learn about basic characterization through physical activity, reading selected theatre literature, reading and writing theatrical reviews, and analysis of such tools as scripts, costuming, and theatrical makeup. Public performances may serve as a resource for specific instructional goals. Students may be expected to attend one or more performances outside the school day to support, extend, and assess learning in the classroom.

    Theatre, Cinema & Film (9-12)
    Program of Study: Film Track
    In this course, students explore the elements of film and cinematic techniques used by those who create movies. Students study the techniques in film that serve the narrative, communicate on a non-literal level and articulate the story’s theme. Films to be screened will begin with the earliest films made in the 1800s and span all the way to modern films produced in the 21st century.