Manatee Virtual School (MVS)

  • The Manatee Virtual School (MVS) experience is quite different from typical K-12 education (School, Teacher, Classroom, Schedules etc.), so it is extremely important that you read ALL of the information provided on these pages before making a decision about becoming a virtual student. 

    Manatee Virtual School English/Spanish PDF

    Manatee Virtual School FAQ English/Spanish PDF

    STEP 1: Read the Manatee Virtual School PDF and Manatee School FAQ PDF (hyperlinks above)

    STEP 2: Review your students course and test history to assess their eligibility for Full Time programs. 

    STEP 2:  Register Your Student

    STEP 3: The parent/guardian returns the completed District Enrollment Form and page 6 signature document from Handbook. 

    If you are new to Manatee County, you also need: 

    1. A Birth Certificate 
    1. Proof of Residency (Electric bill) 
    1. Physical and Shot Documentation (within year of current date) 
    1. Transcripts from former school(s) 

    ENROLLMENT WINDOW for Full Time Manatee Virtual - Fall 2023: Monday, April 23 to Friday, July 24 2023. Please email for enrollment information this FALL and have your student reviewed for eligibility. All applications for the Fall of MUST be submitted by 3PM on Friday, July 24st 2023.