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  • As per Florida State Statute, Manatee County offers three (3) K-12 virtual options for current students and homeschoolers residing in the district.

    1) Manatee Virtual School (MVS) - The first virtual option is through the Manatee Virtual School. MVS is available for full time students who attend a Manatee County School and home school students on a full or part time basis. MVS is a Franchise of the Florida Virtual School and such, utilizes the FLVS curriculum with Manatee County teachers trained to instruct and monitor the virtual courses. MVS offers courses from Kindergarten through 12th grade.           

    ENROLLMENT DATES FOR Full Time - Fall of 2018: May 1 2018 - September 3, 2018         For Spring Full Time Enrollment Window - December 10, 2018 to  January 11, 2019.                  

    2)  Florida Virtual School -The second K-12 option is FLVS. Current Manatee County Students and Home Schoolers register as FULL TIME FLVS students. FLVS uses their virtual curriculum and teachers. Students must follow the FLVS Pupil Progression Plan meaning they are bound by the FLVS Completion dates and graduation requirement.

    ENROLLMENT DATES FOR FLVS Full Time: March 12, 2018 -  August 31, 2018       

    3) Our 3rd K-12 Virtual Program consists of 2 outside providers. K12.com covers grades K-5 and Edgenuity covers grades 6-12.

    K12.com - K12 is a private provider approved by the FLDOE. K12.com is a Full Time prgram for grades K-5. Full time K12.com students, although working from "home" are considered "Manatee County" students. 

    ENROLLMENT DATES FOR K12.com Full Time: March 12, 2018 -  August 31, 2018                 

    Edgenuity - Edgenuity is a private provider approved by the FLDOE. Edgenuity is  the third provider we use for grades 6-12. Full time Edgenuity students, although working from "home" are considered "Manatee County" students.

    ENROLLMENT DATES FOR Edgenuity: March 12, 2018 -  August 31, 2018                 

    For more Information about Virtual School Options please call:

    941-708-4971 ext: 2128

    Manatee Virtual School Office Location: 1400 1st Ave East, Palmetto, FL 34221