• Part Time Virtual Course Options

    Students who are enrolled at their zoned schools may take virtual classes through MVS as a period(s) in their school day OR take virtual coursework in addition to their regular school day. If they take one or more virtual classes during the school day, the school counselor will note those courses as one or more of their regular periods. The students will then take the virtual course(s) in a computer lab or other location designated by the school.

    If students wish to take a virtual course as a one of their regular courses in the school day, they MUST consult and receive approval from their Guidance Counselor.  Virtual courses taken IN ADDITION to the regular school schedule must also be approved by the school counselor.

    Virtual courses taken during the school day, as a part of the student's schedule, must be started and completed within the same calendar requirements as their other courses. These virtual courses must be requested at the beginning of the semester and completed by the end of the semester. 

    Virtual courses taken in addition to the school day can be requested and activated during the school year and the summer as well. Each course has a 'pace chart', which dictates when the course needs to be completed. Specific details are discussed during the initial activation call.