• Eligibility Information To Enroll as a Full Time Manatee Virtual School Student

    The completion and submission of an application for grades K-11 does not guarantee enrollment as a full time MVS student for the Fall semester of 2023. All applications are reviewed and must meet the following mandatory enrollment criteria:

    • students must be on track for graduation and/or promotion
    • have earned a minimum 2.0 GPA
    • successful completion of required state testing 
    • C or better on all current course grades
    • Cannot need more than 1 credit recovery class. 
    • If previous years' test scores required Intensive Reading/Math or credit recovery courses at their zoned school, student would be ineligible as MVS does not offer Intensive Reading or Math. 
    • Students wishing to enroll in as a full time Manatee Virtual student should have a discussion with their zoned school counselor regarding appropriate placement if they do not meet the Academic Requirements listed above.

    Manatee Virtual School DOES NOT ENROLL NEW SENIORS for their final 2nd semester in the full time virtual program.  

    All accepted Full Time MVS students must register for 6 courses.

    If they fail two or more of their core courses or any course required to graduate, they will not be eligible for enrollment in Full Time Manatee Virtual School in the Fall of 2023 and must enroll in their zoned school or Home Schooled.

    If the student is currently enrolled in the full time program in the spring of 2024, they MUST complete all coursework by:

    1. Seniors (Friday, May 10)
    2. Grades K-11 (May 23)