Update Contact Information

  • The School District of Manatee County needs accurate contact information to reach Parents/Guardians during an emergency, and to notify them about upcoming events.
    Parents/Guardians are encouraged to maintain up-to-date contact information in FOCUS so they do not miss important messages.

    Parents/Guardians may update their contact information in FOCUS using this form:
    FOCUS Parent Portal Access Authorization Form
    Formulario de autorización del Portal de Padres FOCUS

    Please hand-deliver the completed form to the Registrar at your zoned school. You must present photo ID for verification. 
    Please note: Parents/Guardians with multiple FOCUS accounts will need to update their contact information on each account.

    If you need to contact the Registrar at your zoned school, please use the School Directory.


Blackboard Mass Notifications

  • Beginning in December 2021, the School District of Manatee County is transitioning to Blackboard Mass Notifications.
    Blackboard Mass Notifications is used to send phone, text and email messages to the enrolling Parent/Guardian plus one contact.
    All methods of contact are automatic opt-in using the phone numbers and email addresses provided in FOCUS.

    Recipients may opt-out of messages sent via Blackboard Mass Notifications. 
    Parents/Guardians cannot opt-out of Emergency and Attendance Messages.

    Using the phone number that you want to update…
    Opt-Out:  Call the Blackboard Hotline at 1-855-502-7867.
    Cancel Opt-Out:  Call the Blackboard Hotline at 1-855-502-7867.

    Text (SMS) Non-Emergency Messages
    Using the phone number that you want to update…
    Opt-Out:  Reply STOP to "60680" or to any Blackboard system text.
    Cancel Opt-Out:  Reply START to "60680".

    Text (SMS) EMERGENCY Messages
    Using the phone number that you want to update… 
    Opt-Out:  Reply STOP to "54968".
    Cancel Opt-Out:  Reply START to "54968".

    Opt-Out:  Click the “Unsubscribe” link on any email that you receive from Blackboard.
    Cancel Opt-Out:  Contact the Registrar at your enrolling school and ask them to reinstate your email address. You must present photo ID for verification.



  • Peachjar automatically sends approved eflyers to Parents/Guardians using the email address provided in FOCUS.

    Peachjar maintains a separate opt-out list specific to the email address.
    If your email address changes in FOCUS, a new “Welcome” email from Peachjar will be generated. 
    A prior opt-out will not be valid because the email address has changed.

    Opt-Out:  Login to Peachjar and change your delivery preferences.
    Cancel Opt-Out:  Login to Peachjar and change your delivery preferences.