• Referendum Renewal for Manatee Schools

    On Nov. 2, 2021, voters in Manatee County will have the opportunity to support public schools by renewing the 1-Mill Referendum originally passed in 2018.

How the Millage Has Helped

  • Attracting High-Quality Teachers

  • Additional Instructional Time

  • Enhances STEM Programs

  • Prepares Students for Jobs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What are citizens voting on?

  • When is the election?

  • What question will voters actually see on the ballot?

  • How will the money be spent?

  • How do we know the money will be spent as taxpayers have been told?

  • How much will this cost taxpayers?

  • Is there any evidence that the additional money from the referendum has helped?

  • Why did the school board vote to make this a special election when it would cost much less to place it on the same ballot as the 2022 general election?

  • Will any of the money go to the state or federal government, or shared with other districts?

  • Isn't the state already providing an increase in teacher salaries?

  • Will any of the money go to charter schools?

  • Why was the district losing teachers before the referendum?

  • What happens if the referendum is not renewed?

  • Why can't you use money from reserves (also known as fund balance)?

  • Is the district currently on sound financial footing?

  • Why can't you adequately fund successful programs with existing dollars?

  • Wouldn't it be better for the district to fund salary increases with recurring dollars rather than a vote every four years?

  • Many residents don't have children in school. Why should they support this?

  • What about the lottery? Wasn't that supposed to boost school budgets?

  • Have other school districts passed similar measures?

  • Didn't Manatee County already pass a half-cent sales tax increase for schools? Isn't that enough?

  • voting deadlines