School Board of Manatee County

  • School Board members pose for picture in front of the District seal.

  • The School Board of Manatee County develops policy based on Florida and Federal laws governing schools, and appoints a Superintendent to manage the day-to-day operations of the School District.

    The School Board is comprised of five members elected by Manatee County voters. Each member serves a four-year term. The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected annually by the School Board during an organizational meeting in November.

    The Superintendent, as provided by law, is the secretary and executive officer for the School Board. At the organizational meeting, the Superintendent acts as Chair until the organization of the School Board is complete.

School Board Members

  • District 1 - Gina Messenger

  • District 2 - Cindy Spray   (Vice-Chair)

  • District 3 - Mary Foreman

  • District 4 - Chad Choate III   (Chair)

  • District 5 - Richard Tatem

Committee Assignments

Contact School Board

  • School Board members do not keep regular office hours, but they may be contacted in several ways:

    Administration Office (941) 708-8770 x41155

    Administration Office (941) 708-8653

    Email All School Board Members and Superintendent
    Individual email addresses are included with each member's profile.

    School Board
    School District of Manatee County
    215 Manatee Avenue West
    Bradenton, FL 34205

    Written Communication
    Florida has a very broad Public Records Law. Virtually all written communications to or from school district personnel are public records available to the public and media upon request. Email sent or received through the school district systems will be considered public and will only be withheld from disclosure if deemed confidential pursuant to State Law.