Strategic Planning

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    After successfully building a strong infrastructure and foundation over the last three years with the previous strategic plan, the School District of Manatee County now must focus on future growth and opportunities, so that by 2026 it is READY to be at the top of all school Districts in the State of Florida.

    By specifically concentrating on early learning and literacy, our young students will be READY TO LEARN and better prepared to succeed in later grades as they articulate through school.

    Then, as they reach middle and high school, our innovative and imaginative initiatives and acceleration programs will enable them to be READY FOR LIFE beyond graduation: in college, career, or a specialized vocation.

    As the world rapidly changes around us, the school District must adapt to these extraordinary challenges by being READY TO GROW and face a very competitive and expanding employment market.

    Our Strategic Plan for the school years 2022-2026 will ensure that we are Ready 2026. The plan was developed through a collaborative process with valuable input from employees, district administrators, parents, and community/business leaders. Together with our mission, vision, and core values, we are empowering our students today for their success tomorrow.

  • Superintendent Wysong meets with Food & Nutrition employees

Our Core Values

  • We Believe In academic excellence through innovation and teamwork.

    We Believe In professionalism, responsibility, and respect.

    We Believe In transparent communications at all levels.

    We Believe In quality schools strengthening our community.

    We Believe In our commitment and dedication to every student.


    Do you have feedback on our Strategic Plan?
    We would love to hear from you! Please submit your comments to:

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    Omar Edwards
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