Early Learning Curriculum

  • Curriculum for the Early Learning program is framed by the Florida Learning and Developmental Standards (2017) which describe a child’s development skills in progression from birth to those considered to be Kindergarten-ready. The standards encompass eight areas essential during early childhood: physical, social and emotional, language and literacy, mathematical thinking and reasoning, scientific inquiry and reasoning, social studies, and creative expression through the arts.   

    A sequence of four quarterly units of study (Me and My School Family, We are Builders and Engineers, Nature All Around Us, Exploring Earth and Space) is delivered using the High Scope Preschool Curriculum. Additionally, the Conscious Discipline methodology is implemented in order to include the essential skills of self-regulation and independence, curiosity, cooperation, persistence, creativity, decision-making and problem solving.

    Instruction and assessment go hand-in-hand. Teachers in Early Learning will conduct formal and informal assessments regularly and in a variety of ways to monitor children's progress. Teachers use this information to adjust instruction to meet changing needs and to recognize student progress. Differentiated instructional strategies and practices are woven through explorations and learnings of every day.

    The Early Learning department, along with pre-kindergarten teachers, value on-going, two-way communication with parents and families. Early Learning teachers consistently communicate the successes and challenges to families so that together, children are supported in school and at home.