SDMC Welcomes Interns!

  • At SDMC we have created partnerships with regional colleges and universities to place and develop Teacher Interns.  Our interns will develop close relationships with highly effective teachers who provide guidance, support, and timely feedback.  Interns can expect a supportive team to begin their journey in education, while being exposed to best practice in instruction and educational technology.


  • Contact Dr. Melinda Lundy at for information on Interns and Clinical Educator Training 


    Internship Information

    Level 1 & 2 Universities may have partnership schools that they use for these levels. In helping us with data tracking, we request that we are given a list of who has been placed and at what school for each level throughout the year.

    Level 3 & 4 All placements must be coordinated by Dr. Lundy. No student interns or professors will contact school administrators directly for placement. No placement is forwarded directly to schools or content supervisors within our district by a college or university.

    The University must be agreeable with an approved affiliation agreement prior to placement.

    Clinical Educator Training

    All Teachers who Host an Intern must complete the updated Clinical Educator Training based on the NEW FLDOE standards.

    We are offering training in a flipped model (3 hours prior to class and 3 hour class). Training for the 2022-2023 school year will be held in May, August, October, January, March, and May. Check the MyPGS course catalog for specifics on dates, times, and location.

    Principal recommendation required; contact Dr. Melinda Lundy at