Leadership Programs

  • Leadership Development Philosophy
    • Commit to ongoing improvement toward student achievement.
    • Establish positive learning environments.
    • Foster positive professional relationships.
    • Build a culture of trust.
    • Communicate clearly.
    • Nurture teacher success.


Aspiring Leaders

  • The Aspiring Leaders program is a Level I Certification program designed to prepare instructional leaders for the Assistant Principal Pool.

    During the year-long program, participants may earn 60+ Inservice Points through face-to-face and online components.

    Applicants must be current SDMC employees. The application deadline is August 15th each year.

    Aspiring Leaders Candidates MUST meet the following qualifications:  

    • Current Florida Professional Educator Certificate  

    •  Educational Leadership Certification  

    • Passed FELE   

    • 3 years Highly Effective evaluation rating   

    • 3 Recommendations with one from your current Principal.  


    • To apply for Aspiring Leaders:  

    • Only fully completed applications will be accepted.  

    •  Aspiring Leaders Application  

    • Current Florida Professional Educator Certificate  

    • Master's degree or higher, which designates Educational Leadership, Administration, or Administration/Supervision or master's degree or higher with Educational Leadership certification.  

    • Certificate of Passing the FELE (Florida Educational Leadership Exam)  

    • An updated Resume   

    • Five years of teaching experience  

    • Recommendation Form

Assistant Principal Pool

  • You must be a member of the Assistant Principal Pool to apply for an Assistant Principal position.

    In-county applicants must provide evidence of successful completion of the Aspiring Leaders program and complete a targeted selection interview to determine eligibility. Out of County and Out of State applicants who meet pool requirements are welcome to apply.

    Membership in the pool is valid for five years, and must be updated prior to expiration to maintain active status.


    • Completion of the Aspiring Leaders program and targeted selection interview if in-county. If out of county, evidence of a similar leadership development program.
    • Out-of-County Matrix (if applicable)
    • Current Florida Professional Educator Certificate with Educational Leadership or FLDOE Statement of Eligibility 
    • Master's degree with Educational Leadership, Administration, or Administration/Supervisor
    • Resume with five years teaching experience
    • Three Recommendations (1 from most recent supervisor)
    • Evaluations (last 2 years)
    • Out of county and out of state current Assistant Principals

Level II Principal Development

  • The Level II Principal Certification program is designed for Assistant Principals, currently employed by SDMC, who are seeking Level II certification to become a Principal.

    Entrance into the program is by invitation from the Executive Directors. If selected, participants will attend the Gulf Coast Partnership (GCP) Resident Program at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Candidates who successfully complete the Level II Principal Certification program will be added to the Principal Pool.

Principal Pool

  • Principal Pool Candidates MUST meet the following qualifications:  

    • Current Florida Professional Educator Certificate with School Principal or have applied and received a Florida Statement of Eligibility with the status “Eligible” for School Principal Certification  

    • Three years or more of experience as an Assistant Principal 


    You must be a member of the Principal Pool to be eligible to apply for a Principal position.