Risk Management

  • Risk Management is charged with this responsibility, but everyone is involved in the process. Every dollar that is spent resolving a claim of any nature is a dollar that could have been spent on education. We must develop a culture of safety and awareness throughout the organization, and everyone must become a risk manager.

    We are a diverse and dispersed organization, and the staff at our various locations are more aware of their environment that anyone. If you become aware of an unsafe condition or practice, or witness a near-miss accident, it is important that you report the circumstances to Risk Management and to your campus facility maintenance personnel. Your action may prevent a future accident. 

    One of our largest expenses is Workers' Compensation. All of our employees are expected to complete basic safety training, follow all safety policies, and use common sense in their daily activities. When an accident happens, we are here to help you recover; but it is better for us all if that accident never happens, so think safety.


    Mission Statement

    The mission of Risk Management is to minimize the cost of risk for the School District of Manatee County in order to maximize the funds available for education, while establishing a safe environment for our employees, students and visitors across our many campus locations.

  • Bill Kelley

    Bill Kelley - Director

  • To report a workers' compensation injury, please call (941) 907-3100 x1351.

    Christine Coates
    Risk Management Specialist
    (941) 708-8770  x41058