• GW Eagle

    The SAVE Promise Club at Gene Witt Elementary is comprised of student leaders from the Witty Kids Club and the Eagle Watch Patrol. The club is sponsored by the very awesome Art Teacher Kim Roberson-Hoy and equally amazing Student Support Specialist Amy Lindsey. These adult and student leaders conduct several initiatives throughout the year to help ensure a positive, safe, and welcoming environment for the entire Witt school community. This year for Start With Hello Week, the SAVE club came up with activity ideas for each day of the week:

    On Monday 9/18: "Start with Hello" kick-off -- Students and adults were welcomed to school with "Hello" sign waving (patrols and promise club)

    Tuesday 9/19: "Chalk Talk" Tuesday -- Sidewalk chalk “Happy Thoughts” art on campus (promise club)

    Wednesday 9/20: Wear Green Wednesday (everyone)    “We Promise… to see, care, and take action"

    Thursday 9/21: Thankful Thursday -- Thank an upstander, trusted adult, or a new friend (everyone)

    Friday 9/22: Mix it up/Find a New Friend Day  (Would You Rather? convo cards at lunch tables - everyone)

    Not only did the SAVE Promise Club kids and staff help to make a more welcoming environment through Start With Hello Week, but they also led the way with the 2024 Great Kindness Challenge and challenged each other to be upstanders or trusted adults during Say Something Week. We dropped a few pictures of some of the incredible activities they undertook throughout the year into the below gallery.

  • Check out this slide show for some of the activities they were involved with in the 2022-2023 school year.