The School District of Manatee County is proud to partner with the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation to help prevent senseless acts of violence from occurring in our communities and schools. Through the establishment of SAVE Promise clubs and training opportunities in all SDMC schools, we seek to inspire student leadership and activism in making a difference locally and globally. We invite you to join the movement in your school or start a SAVE Promise club if there isn't one up and running. You can also visit the school sites listed below to take a look at the amazing activities our Sandy Hook ambassadors, club sponsors, and students are doing throughout the district.


    SAVE Promise Clubs in each SDMC school are at the heart of our efforts to unleash the creative power of our student leaders. Each SAVE Promise Club develops their own platform of unique activities to help foster safe and welcoming environments for all students in their school.

    This space is dedicated to highlighting the efforts of those adults and students who are committed to making a difference in their communities and schools. If you know of other initiatives being undertaken in your school and would like to have them publicly acknowledged and blasted to the free world, then please have your school's SHP ambassador or SAVE Club sponsor contact the district.

    Bashaw Elementary

    Daughtrey Elementary

    Rogers Gardens-Bullock Elementary

    Sea Breeze Elementary

    Johnson K-8

    Electa Lee Middle School

    Lakewood Ranch High School