Kindness Zone Sign

  • The Great Kindness Challenge

    Each year, the School District of Manatee County participates in the nationwide Great Kindness Challenge. Although kindness is a trait we strive to promote and follow each day and month of the year, it gets the spotlight each January, as we join schools and districts from around the country in challenging our students and staff to spread as many acts of kindness as they are able throughout the entire week. This year the Great Kindness Challenge will be held the week of January 22nd, 2024.

    The Great Kindness Challenge checklist

    Kindness Coins

    In addition to the challenge, this year our district is promoting kindness through the use of kindness coins. We are supplying these coins to our SAVE Promise Club members and other student leaders and asking them to pay the coin forward when they witness or receive a worthy act of kindness within their school. The coins are stamped with QR codes that will allow the recipient to enter their name and the reason the coin was awarded to them on the Kindness Coin website. We will then be able to follow these coins and the amazing stories of kindness that ripple throughout the school for the rest of the year and beyond.

    Kindness Coin

    If you are the recipient of a coin, make sure you:

    • Scan the QR code found on the coin. Enter your name and the reason you were awarded the coin. You may also visit the Kindnesscoins.com website and select "Received a Coin?", then enter the information.
    • Pass the coin along to another student or adult inside your school who demonstrates an act of deserving kindness. We want to keep each coin in the school (or worksite) to maximize the ripple effect of kindness.
    • Keep spreading smiles and kindness.