SAFE Program

  • SAFE
    "A family learning alternative to suspension for possession or use of illegal substances”


    Participants: Students identified for suspension due to alcohol or drug-related offenses, or by court mandate, or by other referral.  

    Note: Families must register for the group by calling the Student Services Department at (941) 751-6550 x43112. 

    Program Goals: The issue of drug use, abuse, or addiction continues to become one of the primary roadblocks to the successful completion of educational goals, as well as a priority measurement of acceptance into continuing education, and access to the workplace. This program offers direct and most current information and results of field research regarding substances and their pharmacology, psychological impacts, and physiological effects. Family involvement and interpersonal communication skills are reinforced. Anger management and self-esteem awareness are integrated into problem-solving activities. Random confidential drug screening prepares students for marketplace reality and emphasizes the importance of making appropriate life choices with a clear mind. Parents can also gain knowledge and a level of comfort, enabling them to greater discuss the drug culture with their son/daughter. Referrals for additional counseling services are also available. Community partners include Centerstone, First Step of Sarasota, Family Resource Center, Teen Court, and the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

    SAFE Consent Form

    SAFE formulario de consentimiento

    Drug and Alcohol Information for Parents

    For further information, or to schedule individual sessions, please contact the Program Coordinator Suzy Ardila at (941) 751-6550 x43112.