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Construction Services

  • Welcome to the Department of Construction Services (DCS) 

    The mission of DCS is to provide quality environments for safe and effective student learning as economically as possible and in a schedule consistent with the District’s needs.

    DCS includes professional and technical employees as well as cross-trained employees who work as a team to provide the following services (among others):

    • Construction, renovation, and remodeling of schools and facilities
    • Sale of surplus properties to generate revenue for the District
    • District-wide, comprehensive assessment of the District’s 8.3 million s.f. of facilities
    • Maintain District archives, As-Builts, and closeout documents (Plans Room)
    • Permitting functions (DEP, EPA, SWFWMD, Building Official, etc.)
    • Land acquisitions
    • Conduct Educational Plant Surveys and required spot surveys for Board approval
    • Update and maintain Florida Inventory of School Houses (FISH) documentation, and submit annually to local fire and law enforcement entities
    • Coordinate traffic (vehicular and pedestrian) studies
    • Comply with concurrency
    • Create, negotiate, and maintain all Interlocal Agreements
    • Act as a liaison with Manatee County Government
    • Assist in the coordination of crosswalk operations
  • We are located just east of the 27th Street E. & 26th Ave. E intersection.

    School District of Manatee County
    Department of Construction Services
    R.G. Matzke Support Center
    1 Matzke Way, Building 7
    Bradenton, FL  34208

    Phone: 941-708-8800, x44052

    Fax: 941-708-8832

    Email: constructionservices@manateeschools.net