• Rogers

    The SAVE Promise Club at Rogers Gardens-Bullock Elementary School is led by the dynamic duo of school counselor Ms. Cassie D'Addeo and Student Support Specialist Eika Keller.

    Check out the photos of the Rogers SAVE Promise Club members welcoming students and staff for this year's Start With Hello Week and the Great Kindness Challenge! 

  • Here are some pictures from last year's SWH Week, as well as some activities from the rest of the 2022-2023 school year, when the club was led by Ms. Regina Boyd. In October, students made and delivered fortune cookies with a positive message for staff and students. In November the SAVE students decided to make hand-crafted thank you cards for those staff and students who went above and beyond. On December 14th 2022, Rogers participated in the Pinky Promise to help keep their school safe and welcoming and commemorate the 10-year remembrance of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

    We look forward to another exciting year with the Rogers SAVE Club and their awesome new advisors!