Routing & Administration

  • The School District of Manatee County is divided into four general transportation areas. Each transportation area is assigned a Route Administrator and Route Analyst. It is important to note that while the areas are geographic regions, there is a significant amount of overlap that results from routing and scheduling buses to maximize efficiency.

    The Route Administrator is the supervisor for the school bus drivers, attendants and aides that operate within each transportation area.

    The Route Analyst is responsible for setting up and maintaining school bus routes to efficiently and safely transport students within each transportation area. They also determine eligibility for transportation services, and assign students to a bus and stop. 

Route Administrators

  • Call this group if you have a question, a compliment or a complaint regarding a school bus driver, attendant or aide.

    Area 1
    Melanie Johnson (941) 708-8800 x44131

    Area 2
    Gina Miller (941) 708-8800 x44212

    Special Projects
    Quentrail McEwen (941) 708-8800 x44125


Route Analysts

  • Call this group if you need to know where your student will be picked up or dropped off, or to discuss issues with their registered bus stop.

    Area 1
    Tammy Hartley  (941) 708-8800 x44222
    Vacant (941) 708-8800 x44116

    Area 2
    Kathy Hall   (941) 708-8800 x44117
    Heather Gonzales   (941) 708-8800 x44142


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