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    School bus routes are created and maintained by the Routing Department. The District is divided into four general areas each of which is assigned to a Routing Analyst. It is important to note that while the areas, also referred to as Districts, are geographic regions, there is a significant amount of overlap that results from routing and scheduling buses to maximize efficiency.  This group of individuals has the responsibility for setting up our school bus routes to efficiently and safely transport approximately 16,000 students on a daily basis. They are also tasked with determining each student´s eligibility for transportation services, and for those who are eligible, assigning students to a stop and bus. You would call this group if you needed to know where your student will be picked up or dropped off, or to discuss issues with their registered bus stop.

    District 1: Kathy Hall (941.708.8800 ext. 44117)

    District 2: Barbara Hurkman (941.708.8800 ext. 44116)

    District 3: David Pizarro  (941.708.8800 ext. 44125)

    District 4: Quentrail Wade (941.708.8800 ext. 44222)