Vehicle Maintenance

  • The mission of the Vehicle Maintenance Department is to provide the safest mode of transportation for all District students and staff.

    Vehicle Maintenance services a fleet consisting of school buses, cars, vans, and various sized trucks all totaling approximately 410. One responsibility of the Vehicle Maintenance Department is to coordinate the mandated State Inspection of all school buses, including repairs, which must meet the Florida State Board of Education’s strict guidelines. In addition, guidance is provided to district departments when vehicle purchases or repairs are required.

    Our school bus fleet consists of approximately 211 school buses which travel over a total of approximately 3.1 million miles annually while transporting approximately 16,000 students. Each school bus is equipped with air conditioning, seat belts and a global positioning system (GPS) unit. Of the 211 school buses, 51 of the buses have a wheelchair lift.

    All school buses are inspected in accordance with the laws and rules of the State Board of Education, Florida Statutes Chapter 1006, Part I.e. Transportation of Children and Florida Administrative Code (FAC) Chapter 6A-3 Transportation.