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    Students in Manatee County schools may be reassigned to an alternative program if they continue to struggle academically or behaviorally and can no longer be accommodated by programming at their home schools. Many times the assignments are made in the best interest of the student, but the interests of the learning environment as well as other students and staff are also considered. Student reassignments are usually made under the following guidelines:

    School Safety Reassignment for Major Acts
    If a student is found to be guilty of a severe breach of the Student Code of Conduct, the principal or designee may suspend the student for up to 10 days and recommend expulsion or reassignment to another school or program to the Student Services Department. If the offense warrants possible reassignment, the case is reviewed by a district committee and a recommendation is made. All School Safety assignments may be made for behavior on campus, following the recommendation of the school principal, or for off-campus felony charges by law enforcement. All School Safety reassignments for major acts are made to Horizons Academy.

    Students who continually disrupt the learning environment may also be suspended from their assigned school, following the policy outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and District Policy 5120 and F.S. 1006.08. These behaviors are generally viewed as less severe than possible School Safety reassignments for major acts but are still considered highly disruptive to the learning environment. Once all school-based interventions attempted through the school problem-solving team process have been exhausted and fail to correct the problem behaviors, students will enter into a final behavior contract with our department. A department specialist will meet with the student and identify the reasons behind the behavior, then together build a game plan for success that is designed to keep them in their zoned school. The parents will be contacted during this meeting to inform and enlist their assistance in exacting a change in behavior. Should this process fail to bring about the desired change, the principal or designee may recommend removal to an alternative program.

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