STEAM Information

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    The School District of Manatee County has a unique and competitive STEM program in K-12 and our students and teachers have earned a well-deserved reputation for being Superstars when it comes to STEM competitions and education. 

    Our STEM programs offer students the ability to learn coding skills, engage in robotics, solve real world problems, and acquire computer technology skills.  

    Competitions are an essential component of the STEM program and provide numerous benefits to students, such as improving teamwork and collaboration, supporting a growth mindset, and improving data analysis. Additionally, competitions assist in developing problem-solving skills and building confidence while getting students motivated and engaged. 

    STEM education further builds resilience, encourages experimentation, and promotes (scholastic or academic) risk-taking. These are skills our students will use in their careers and will give them the upper hand in today’s increasingly technology-centered world. 

    The School District of Manatee County enthusiastically supports students in their competitive endeavors and aims to broaden opportunities for the future.